Guidance-career advice

We offer you professional advice for the choice of povoláníKariérové poradenstvíje intended for: all who only vote for their career, therefore, in particular, to the pupils of primary schools, pupils who have already left the elementary school and chose inappropriate scope, who do not have the prerequisites and thinking about change, pupils who ended prematurely for whatever reason medium or another školuvšem who want to deal with their career.Also, we provide career counselling for vulnerable, at-risk and disadvantaged groups of the population.Part of career advice is: Diagnostics of personality of the potential client.Recommendations for further development with a focus on the selection of the most appropriate type of profession or studies.The results of the consultations with the participation of the parents.In case of your interest we are ready to protect: psycho-diagnostic and psychological examination, klientaergodiagnostické examination whose aim is the examination of the potential of the client and the assessment of its assumptions for the application of the labour market. Ergodiagnostika is especially suitable for clients who have any medical restrictions. coaching you. method of advice and training, for which it is characteristic that the trainer (the coach) does not give solid advice and recommendations, but looking for solutions together with the client.In the area of career guidance, we cooperate with the labour offices, universities, State and non-State organizations, employers, and psychologists.