About us

Our company ­ MB TRADEDEAL ­ was a logical successor to our long­term effect on the market in the areas of trade and mediation services, sales, consulting and training. Existing knowledge and experience, we gradually gained as individuals since 1990, we now use in professional teamwork, with the main goal, which is the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Our company is divided into four divisions, each division managed by experts on the issue.

Devision brokerage trade and services

This devision is devoted to activities in the field of mediation of trade and services, includes both export and import area. Based on our knowledge, experience and exceptional personal contacts we are ready to convey the necessary business contacts for your services or products, up to the final stage of the actual sales. Our portfolio of personal contacts in the Czech Republic is very broad and even abroad includes countries of the European Union and other European countries, Russia and Ukraine, countries of Asia and North and South America. Newly we offer our clients brokering services to Saudi Arabia.

Devision of education

We specialize in adult education. We provide a broad spectrum of training courses, seminars and trainings. We offer our services to individuals, companies, municipalities and organizations of various kinds. Portfolio of our lecturers consisting of experts and specialists in the profession both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and this portfolio is constantly expanding with new experts.

Economic division

Workers in this division having high practical knowledge and experience specialize in two sub- areas: Realization of projects for cost savings for businesses, state and local government organizations Accounting for the self­employed and for small and medium businesses up to 50 employees Sales division Our employees realize business activities for such products, which by their nature and their quality will not disappoint our customers. Given that in our work team are highly knowledgeable experts, we are also provide consulting services.

Firm domicile:

MB TRADEDEAL družstvo Křenová 65a 602 00 Brno Czech Republic

Business Office address:

MB TRADEDEAL družstvo Lipová alej 1 695 01 Hodonín Czech Republic IČ: 29201187 DIČ (VAT): CZ29201187 In the commercial register kept by the regional court in Brno, section Dr, insert 4896